Technical culture as the basis for building your (future) team

It’s not always simple to reinvent corporate culture. Specific organizational limitations, the current culture, positioning or a lack of presence in the world of technical talent can make it difficult. But it can be done. We build teams with a technical culture for companies that cannot do it on their own.

What is a technical culture, and why is it essential?

It is no longer about selecting or attracting talent. Instead, it’s about creating an environment in which technological talent feels comfortable. To win over this talent, companies must provide more than competitive salaries. 

Talent values companies where technology plays an essential role, places where technology is understood as a business enabler and not as a commodity. Workplaces where there is flexibility and work-life balance; leadership styles that encourage creativity and participation; organizations that are flatter, more flexible, and less hierarchical, that use agile processes and methodologies and have a state-of-the-art tech stack. But, most importantly, workplaces where people can grow and learn from the people that surround them, where every day is a new opportunity to develop their skills.


This way of working, this way of understanding the relationship between a company and talent, is what we at ∑xtend call: "technical culture".

Without technical culture, it’s impossible to attract technical talent. Without technical talent, it will be difficult to carry out projects with the quality, speed and rigor that the market demands. 


∑xtend is a new way to connect talent with business.

The ∑xtend Solution uses three collaboration models to build teams with technical culture.

Extend Solution 


  • Boot


    We set up a new company, assemble the team and get to work. After a previously agreed-upon timeframe, the client acquires 100% of the company.

  • BOT


    We focus on identifying and building the team, so that the team will eventually be hired by the client.

  • OT


    In the cases where a client has selected a group of people to take on a project, but doesn’t have the organizational or corporate structure in Spain, Mexico, or Chile to work with them directly.

  • Shall we talk?

    Do you find it difficult to hire talent? Do you have a high turnover rate? Do you need a company to help you hire? Do you want to learn more about technical culture?


    If you answered: "Yes," "Maybe,” "Perhaps," "Not exactly, but," or even "meh,” I suggest we talk 🙂

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